Online Coaching

Who is Athletes Prehab Online Coaching For?

Anyone who is..
...tired of nagging injuries limiting them
...wanting to gain muscle and reduce body fat
...willing to put in the work necessary to see results over time
...wanting a coach who will hold them accountable 
...ready to see amazing results in their health and fitness to being coached and seeing what is possible for themselves
If any of these resonated with you, then Athletes Prehab Coaching is the right fit for you!

How Online Coaching Works

1) Virtual Assessment

Your online program will begin with a comprehensive video assessment. The assessment will entail how you move, injury history, fitness goals, and even nutritional guidance! We will request you filming a variety of specific exercises so that we can accurately assess your movement patterns. 

2) The Prehab Program

Once we finish your assessment, we will begin creating a custom prehab fitness program for you. The program will include specific stretches and exercises that we have determined you need from your movement assessment. There will be different phases in your program where we will progress your exercises and challenge you to new levels!

3) Check-Ins

We will have weekly check-ins through e-mail and or text messaging to keep you accountable and make sure you are staying on track to your goals! During these check-ins we will address changes needed for your program, nutritional guidance, and motivation to keep you going. 


Why Online Coaching?

  • Save hundreds of dollars compared to traditional physical therapy or personal training
  • Custom prehab program to get you out of injury and back to the activities you love doing
  • Continual chat support with Coach so that you stay on track
  • Easy to follow video demonstrations of exercises and stretches, so that you always know what to do
  • Take the guess work out and begin incorporating exercises that actually work
Stacy's Decreased Knee Pain and Lost Over 30lbs!

I’ve been working with Garrett Nealon for over a year now and I could not be happier! When I first came to him I was an overweight, 53 yr old female who wanted to make a change and become active again but struggled with knee pain with most exercises. First he sat me down and went over my nutrition, and really focused on what I needed to be taking in and how it was important to eat but also what to eat. I have become physically stronger with decreased knee pain with the exercises that he has shown me. I am finally able to do things like jog or make lateral movements without pain. I have lost over 30lbs all while increasing muscle. I feel and look better then I have in years. I would definitely recommend him and his services.