Athletes Prehab Big Updates!

Athletes Prehab Big Updates!

What are you doing these days? Are you relaxing more? Are you getting bored? Do you miss your old clients?  These are only a few of the questions I’ve gotten in the past month. Things are changing. I am learning things way outside of my comfort zone and embracing the challenges that have come with it!


First, I am happy that I am challenging myself in a different way. I have never been the type to absolutely love working for someone else, and even though I know this journey will take some time, I will be better off for it. With happy comes a wave of sad, though. I miss the clients I’ve trained over the past year and a half at Burn Bootcamp. When I left I was helping so many people get results and they were buying into what I was telling them. That’s something you don’t ever want to give up as a coach or trainer. I had to make the jump to do my own thing at some point,  though, and I couldn’t keep delaying it. I gave over 2 months of notice and I finally did it!


Secondly, am I getting bored? Honestly, having more free time has taken some getting used to. I have to be more disciplined since I don’t have someone telling me what and when to do things. There is definitely a learning curve to it.


Third, when are you going to tell us what you’re doing? Right now. I’ve been grinding over the past month getting things ready. However, there’s one thing I’ve learned, and it’s that I will never be fully ready. So here it is. I will be launching in-person and online personal and post-rehab training in June. I am currently looking for 10 active adults that are looking to get out of pain, lose weight, and get back to doing activities they love. Helping people get out of pain fulfills me because I’ve dealt with serious pain in my lower back, shoulders, and knees for years. By taking on a hybrid approach (in-person/online), I am able to help more people in a more time-efficient and cost-effective way.


Lastly, this hybrid training may be foreign to many of you, so I want to elaborate. I am looking for a specific population of active adults aged 40-65 years old. For those that live in the neighboring communities of Chesterfield, I am hoping to work with in person. If you know someone looking to train in person, contact me directly through either email or phone! Others that live out of state and are trying to find a detailed exercise program and nutritional guidance after completing physical therapy, I am hoping to recruit for my online coaching. If you know anyone that fits this description in-state or out of state, please send them this link to fill out a questionnaire!



I want to say thank you to YOU, yes YOU. You have taken the time to read this article and catch up with things I’ve been doing over the past month. I will keep churning out articles and video content, so keep your eyes peeled! I will get 1% better everyday!