7 Ways To Stay On Track Over The Weekend

7 Ways To Stay On Track Over The Weekend

7 Ways to Stay On Track Over The Weekend

Every weekend you feel like its another thing that is going to de-rail you from the progress you've been making in the gym. From family gatherings, parties at friends houses, kids baseball games, even traveling out of state, we are faced with things that can throw us off track. Our game plan is fine during the week right? I mean, most of us have a set schedule during the week. You know what time you’re going to work, you know what time you’re going to the gym , you know what you’re going to eat (if you meal prepped). For many of us, life seems a little more mapped out on the weekdays than it does on the weekends. 


The weekend is one-third of the week. One-third! If you have a specific goal that you are working for, it will delay your progress significantly if you are ignoring your goals on the weekend. I’ve had a few tough weekends lately with some events that have tried to de-rail my progress. However, over the past few years I have come up with a few ways that have helped me stay on track when the weekend temptations come around. 

Navigating the Weekends

  1. Remember your “WHY”

Why do you want to do this?

If you haven’t come up with a “WHY”, this is an essential step to your success. A strong “WHY” inspires us. IT IS YOUR PURPOSE. For me, my why is also my business why, which is to help active adults out of pain and back to doing the activities they love. I have to stay strong mentally and physically so that I am at my best to help others through similar aches and pains to what I have gone through.  A weak “WHY” is the opposite. A weak “WHY” is easy to break, and more likely to fail you in the long run. Think of why you want to reach your goals. Be specific. Make sure it is more than just physical changes, too. 


  1. Have a plan! 
There’s a party this weekend and you’re invited! You’re thinking about what you are going to wear, but have you thought about what you are going to eat and drink? You know there’s going to be buffalo dip there and lots of delicious wine and cheeses. Making sure you have a pre-party plan that involves eating a high protein meal, so that you won’t feel so hungry that you have to reach in for a second helping of that buffalo dip. Telling yourself, “I am going to have 2 seltzers instead of heavy beer, and 1 small plate of snacks instead of ” is a great way to have a specific plan! You might also opt for bringing your own snacks, which could be a little healthier. MAKE A PLAN! 


  1. Healthy Options

This weekend my in-laws will be in town for Mother Day. Our plan is to go out to one of our favorite restaurants, Sergio’s, for a Sunday lunch. Before we go, I will take a look at the menu and see what “healthier” options they have. Having a plan is the first step to success. You will be better prepared for what life throws at you, rather than being the last one at the table to order and not knowing what to get, so you go with what you know - the pizza (not the healthiest). Look for options that involve lean proteins (chicken, turkey, lean ground beef, eggs, fish). I am going with the Shrimp Fra Diavolo! The protein dishes will usually keep you full for longer all while being a building block for muscle growth! Quick tip- go for grilled over fried foods.


  1. Limit Alcohol 
Ahhhh. The dreaded words that none of my clients like to hear, “limit your alcohol this weekend”. Alcohol has no nutritional value and will have a negative effect on how quickly you see results! If you’re going to drink though, try this:
 -Have a light beer instead of an IPA 
 -Drink Straight Liquor. Less calories & usually less sugar. 
 - Use low calorie mixers (flavored seltzer, Diet Coke or Coke Zero, even a garnish like a lemon or lime can be a great swap instead of sugary mixers) 
Plan for how many drinks you will have, and try not to deviate. Set some limits!


  1. Keep Crushing Water
You should be crushing water on the weekend. This is one of the main ways I see people falling off track. Drinking water will help curb your appetite and make you feel full. Granted you may be running to the bathroom a few more times, BUT IT WILL HELP YOU STAY ON TRACK! Here are a few more benefits to drinking water.


  1. Get Moving
Make sure that you’re getting some sort of physical activity on the weekend! Activities like taking a walk with your family, playing pickleball or tennis, even doing something like yard work or gardening, are all great to keep you on track to your goals. 


  1. Find Your Balance
Find balance is key. Being able to eat the foods you love eating, and drink the things you love drinking will keep you loving the journey. We want to be able to have those things in moderation, then get back on our grind the next day! If you’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, it is where you eat nutritious foods 80% of the time, and have more freedom with the other 20%. For me, its cookies and ice cream. I still treat myself weekly to these things (even daily with my 100 calorie Yasso ice cream bar), and recognize that they help keep me sane and loving the journey. Remember, that if you fall off track, tomorrow is a new day to get back on it!


If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for reading! This month, I am starting to take online coaching and nutrition clients. If you, or anyone you know, could benefit from coaching please send them to my online coaching page https://athletesprehab.com/pages/online-coaching


Written by:

Garrett Nealon  Trainer, Athletes Prehab