3 Things You Must Do To Get Out Of Back Pain!

3 Things You Must Do To Get Out Of Back Pain!

You’re currently sitting down. Whether you’re driving, working, or a combination of the two, you’ll be sitting for a long time today. You’ll probably sit 5 or more hours in total today, don’t you think?


That’s your Apple Watch saying you need to stand up.


*Continue to work/drive *

 You finally get up and you start feeling how tight your back is. You try to give it a few seconds of a stretch or twist looking for instant relief, but it doesn’t help much.

The cycle of your back pain continues.


Who else is guilty of this? 

Is this you?

 If it is, stay with me here

 The 3 things you MUST DO to get out of back pain are: 

  1. GET UP & MOVE

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking your dog down the street or going to a HIIT workout class..movement is a key component for getting out of pain! If you haven’t moved in a while, yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable. Should you still do it? Yes.  Your body is meant to move, and move often. Without movement you lose strength, when you lose strength then you’re bound to gain fat, when you gain fat its a slippery slope until you put on weight. Many people wonder how they gain weight so fast and its pretty dang simple, you ate more than you burned that day! Now, ask yourself, how much do I move per day? Do I move every hour? Do I move every 30 minutes? 

Get moving today!

  1. Stretch before bed every night!

This one is a SHORTCUT for pain relief. Its a LIFEHACK! Well, that’s what you guys want to hear, right? When I phrase things like “shortcut” or “Lifehack” more people are bound to buy into it. People want things in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, this one takes a while. It will help initially by helping you unwind and decompress before bed, but when you do it for a month you will start the see the benefits in your quality of sleep, improved posture, and pain relief!

 Here is one of the best bang for your buck stretches.

 The “COUCH” Stretch

1/2 Kneeling position (use something comfortable under knee), prop your rear leg up on the couch and tuck your tailbone under so your hips are even. 

Hold this for 1 Minute each side!

 *If you’re unable to perform this stretch, try doing it without bringing the back leg up. Keep it down on the floor


  1. You MUST get STRONGER!

My piece of advice for you is to get stronger. Train different positions like the squat and the plank. These are positions you will be in most days. Positions you need to be able to OWN. Conquer what is setting you back from living up to your true potential. Conquer this pain that has set you back for months and years. It’s time to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!

If you are lost on your pain relief journey and want a coach to help you get PAIN FREE, call me at 571-733-8981 or email at athletesprehab@gmail.com

We can chat about what course of action is best suited for you!